Case Study: Beverly Cooperative Bank
Reinventing a community bank to compete with
larger and wealthier competitors

Case Study: Beverly Cooperative Bank. Reinventing a community bank to compete with larger and wealthier competitors


When we began our relationship with Beverly Cooperative Bank, they were a small bank with a very limited budget. They were looking to gain both consumer and business customers, increase assets and deposits and get a lot of “bang for the buck”.  

There was no shortage of competitors: local banks, both large and small, regional and national banks and online financial institutions.


The branding began with a new, progressive  identity, a much-needed improvement over an antiquated wordmark. Then, strategically planned programs were initiated in both the consumer and business sectors. New target audiences were identified as well as other business professionals who could become references: attorneys, real estate agents, financial planners, etc. We worked with the bank to recommend new products and services. Also, cross-selling became a new way of life.

Well-coordinated initiatives were executed through print, radio, direct mail, collateral and online advertising.

In addition to expanding branch offices, Beverly Cooperative Bank has more than tripled its assets during the rebranding effort.

  • Beverly Coop ads

    Beverly Cooperative Bank Print Ads

    Weekly newspaper ads are developed to support both the brand and specific bank initiatives. Like all BCB communications, the are branded with the “eyebrow” above the headline.

  • Beverly Cooperative Bank Brochures

    Beverly Cooperative Bank Brochures

    The color-coded product and services brochures are used in both lobby racks and mailings. As a counterpoint to competitors, the use of illustrations is prevalent in the bank’s communications.

  • Beverly Cooperative Bank logo

    Beverly Cooperative Bank Logo

    The sailboat reflects the bank’s seaport heritage. The two sails allude to the bank’s commercial and consumer divisions while their shape implies progress.

  • Window signs

    Beverly Cooperative Bank Window Signage

    High-visibility signage is developed for featured products and services. They are simple and colorful with straightforward messaging.

  • Beverly Cooperative Bank posters

    Beverly Cooperative Bank Posters

    Simple yet powerful display materials are developed for special promotions. Campaigns also utilize counter signs, buckslips and statement stuffers.