Case Study: Boston Retail
A well-established company gets a
much-needed brand revitalization

Case Study: Boston Retail. A well-established company gets a much-needed brand revitalization


Although Boston Retail Products was established in 1937, the company had become stagnant and faced many competitive challenges: turnover in management; poor branding in the previous decade; customers largely unaware of all 4 product categories; failure to capitalize on in-house manufacturing; and a former employee started a competitive company.

Clearly, the opportunity was present to increase the retail customer base and promote the brand both internally and externally.


We renamed the company (by dropping the word “products”, emphasizing customization and de-emphasizing commodity), developed a benefits-oriented tagline and produced a new logo and corporate identity system. Then we rolled out collateral materials, direct marketing, web site, print campaign, newsletters and public relations.

The result was a 31% increase in Boston Retail’s customization orders in the first 18 months of the new brand launch. Overall sales leaped 22% within 12 months.

  • Boston Retail logo

    Boston Retail Logo

    The first steps were renaming the company, designing the logo and developing the tagline.

  • Boston Retail binder

    Boston Retail Binder

    A four-section tabbed binder houses the brochure series for ease of ordering.

  • Boston Retail stationery

    Boston Retail Stationery

    Part of the identity program includes stationery for both the US and European offices.

  • Boston Retail Icons

    Boston Retail Icons

    A series of graphic icons depict the four product lines: Display, Power, Protect and Imagine.

  • Boston Retail brochures

    Boston Retail Brochures

    Detailed product brochures are used as both sales and ordering tools.

  • Boston Retail website

    Boston Retail Web Site

    The web site is a sales tool which will eventually expand to a data base-driven ordering and fulfillment vehicle.