Case Study: Putnam Investments
Capturing record sales and growth with
a new brand initiative

Case Study Putnam


An analysis of The Putnam Companies’ communications program revealed the need for systemic changes in how they sold their products and services, including changing the name of the company. An optimistic, informative and user-friendly selling system for Putnam Investments simplifies the investment process for consumers, while building trust in their network of financial advisers.


The strategic approach was to simplify the language across all media. Then, beginning with a new logo, the branding effort included both internal and external publications including a selling system, HR materials, print advertising, web site, marketing literature, broadcast and broker materials.

Strong colors are used to represent the four investment categories and iconography gives the brand a quick, identifying read. Furthermore, fund brochures contained
marketing information, a prospectus and application form, previously three separate documents in the industry.

As a result, Putnam has captured record sales and growth, moving its ranking from 16th to 4th in the industry. Becoming the industry’s benchmark, the new branding also helped boost Putnam’s assets under management from $130 billion to over $450 billion. The program set a new standard, taking Putnam from a relatively small player to a major financial brand.

  • Putnam Fact Books


    Putnam Fact Books

    Fact books containing in-depth sales strategies were developed for the fund categories.

  • Putnam Sales Box


    Putnam Investments Box

    This box, containing the president’s message, fund strategy folder and twelve core fund brochures, introduced the new selling system to brokers.

  • Putnam Brochures


    Putnam Brochures

    Sales brochures, color-coded by fund category, combine marketing information, a prospectus and application in one brochure.