Case Study: The Remodeling Company
Increasing sales, netting higher profits
and expanding the workforce

Case Study. The Remodeling Company. Increasing sales, netting higher profits and expanding the workforce


The Remodeling Company, a high-end remodeler, looked to increase both profit margins and sales while gaining larger projects. Furthermore, there was a need to establish a distinction between themselves, as true craftsman, and the average contractor.


First on the list was developing a logo and corporate identity materials that would resonate with upscale prospects. For example, the stationery system uses paper with a high wood fiber content. Additionally, the logo contains a plane (suggestive of fine workmanship), rather than the trite hammer or saw. We also produced a proposal kit, prospecting tools, direct mail programs, web site, newsletters, collateral and a public relations campaign.

The Remodeling Company has secured more proposal opportunities (allowing them to be more selective) resulting in an increase in average project scope from $300,000 to $450,000. Additional crews were hired which expanded work capacity and revenues. A marketing strategy helped the company become more visible and sought after.
  • TRC Logo


    The Remodeling Company Logo

    The use of an old-world plane as a symbol, combined with the wood-cut illustration style, identifies the company as providing more than carpentry. They deliver quality craftsmanship.

  • TRC Stationery


    The Remodeling Company Stationery

    This corporate identity package conveys a high level of expertise, workmanship and quality.

  • TRC Mailer


    The Remodeling Company Mailer

    This self-mailer targets high net worth prospects, homeowners who demand the best in life.

  • TRC Case Studies


    The Remodeling Company Case Studies

    Case studies are developed after each project, with photos and project information.

  • TRC Newsletter


    The Remodeling Company Newsletter

    An 8-page quarterly newsletter mails to customers, prospects, architects and realtors. The cover story is a recent remodel while the rest of the newsletter is packed with homeowner tips and information.

  • TRC Folder


    The Remodeling Company Presentation Folder

    The presentation folder is multi-functional, used for prospecting, proposals and public relations. A belly-band wraps the folder for personalization.

  • TRC Brochure


    The Remodeling Company Brochure

    The company brochure depicts selected remodels with commentary from The Remodeling Company, each project’s architect and the homeowner.